Blog Aim

The aim of Games for All is to provide a place for you to find resources to discover your own, or others, character and skills for life through games.  For parents it will provide an understanding of what your children are on about when they talk about the games they are playing, providing you with alternatives to some of the more extreme games out there, and giving you discussion points you can use with your children to help them figure out their values.  For gamers the discussions will help you explore your own relationships with games and see how they can point towards something bigger.  For group leaders in churches it will provide points for teaching from.  So whoever you are, and whatever knowledge you have of games, be you a complete novice or a gaming guru, I hope some of my insights can help you in one way or another.

What games will I be looking at?  A healthy mix of board games and computer games.  To start with I am going to explore the different types of games such as shooting games, fighting games, puzzle games, online games, multiplayer games, racing games, kids games, family games, roleplaying games, strategy games as well as all the acronyms associated with them.

As the blog is Games For All, each post will have some suggestions of games for kids, games for teens, games for boys, games for girls, games for families, games for Christians and games only for adults.

I’ll also run individual posts on games of note, popular games at the time, new games that you should try as well as games that I find interesting.  I will also cover any games that you, the readers ask for – I’m always open to suggestions!