Boardgame Price Drop Facebook Page and Group, and Amazon Affiliate links

In order to help fund Games For All’s current and future activities I have been given oversight of a Facebook page and it’s associated group – Boardgame Price Drop the page and Boardgame price drop the group.  My good friend Andy Gray the Rev DJ Priest set up this venture a couple of years ago to fun his board game outreach but now he is moving to greener pastures (quite literally – he will be living in fields with sheep, that’s all that exists down where he’s going) and  has handed the reigns to me.  Using a variety of methods I check Amazon regularly throughout the day to see what offers there are, and if they are cheaper than other places then I post them to the group.

The income for me comes through the affiliate system.  You will have seen me mention affiliate links in other posts on here.  When you click on an affiliate link amazon’s systems log it for 24 hours and a very small percentage of the profit from any purchases made in that time goes to the person who owns that link – about 1-3%.  It doesn’t cost the person buying the products anything, nor the person you are buying from, it is taken from Amazon’s cut of the profit.

This small extra income adds up over time and will allow me to buy new board and video games for use in writing this blog.  I will keep people up to date with what has been bought using the funds from the Facebook page, group and the links on this site as well, possibly recording unboxings and definitely recording how to plays of them.