Upcoming things

Hey guys, life has been very busy with my current job coming to an end, my baby becoming a toddler and me travelling all around the country to do talks on this board game mission stuff so I haven’t really had time to sit down and do any proper progress on the blog.

However! There are some exciting things on the horizon. I’ve been working on a new post looking at Loony Quest which should be going live within the next week, I’ve also received some interesting packages over the past month:

Missional Generation’s VR and AR starter set

The guys at Missional Generation have kindly sent me one of their starter packs for using their VR and AR resources so I’ll be looking through that.

The Armoury Bible Game

I’ve been sent a review copy of The Armoury so I’ll be giving my honest thoughts and opinion on it.

Animal Upon Animal and Echidna Shuffle

2 of the 3 kids games I’ve ordered using the Price Drop UK Amazon voucher income have arrived, the other being Dragon’s Breath from HABA. They’ll be filling a gap in my game night collection and I’ll be making some content exploring them too in the near future.

Yes it’s a narwhal in a tutu listening to my podcast, like all the cool kids.

Games For All now also has a podcast, any audio that I make that isn’t reliant on having a video alongside it will be available there – just search Games For All Talks on your podcast platform of choice!

I’ve been slowly working on my book as well, it’s taking a lot of careful thought and research and will undoubtedly lead to some things on my podcast as I really dig in to what makes Tabletop Gaming Mission tick.

Your Turn advert

Finally Your Turn has had a change of Venue, I’ll be posting lots about how the board game evenings are developing and how it’s reaching to the community.

As ever let me know if there are any games you want me to cover or if you have any questions about the mission and ministry I do ?